Ian Murray Cancelled, Dangerous Meghan-Related Froth Continues, FOS case #2

New case. I needn’t repeat the facts about Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

What is worthy of note is that the CBS / Oprah visuals used during the interview have been questioned and complaints raised based on real facts, not personal truths.

Ian Murray, head of the Society of Editors, was quick to raise a response to Meghan’s account of the UK press. For daring to do so he appears to have unleashed a new version of hell upon himself and ultimately resigned.

Considerable virtue-signalling has accompanied the matter (see above). It is being talked about as the cancelation of Ian Murray.

Perhaps he was too quick to respond. Perhaps his response contained errors. I don’t know and I don’t care.

What I do care about is that we are looking here at all the hallmarks of a classic case of FOS repression:

  • Truth and facts are considered subjective, we are invited to speak our own truth and the truth of some people is more acceptable than that of others, one’s “lived experience”. This is very eloquently discussed in the latest Spectator TV.
  • Mere objection results in backlash
  • Accompanied by huge bandwagon and virtue-signalling
  • The “offender” invited to shame himself, Cultural-Revolution style

The Society of Editors in previous times has been the darling of liberal types. In very many ways it is a bastion of free speech, but it too now seems to have started to take fright of its own shadow, as it throws its own Executive Director under a bus.

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